1. Power Island being supplied by M/s. Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC), Chengdu,Republic of China on Turnkey basis
2. Design Engineering completed and production of Main equipment in full swing
BOP and Civil Works:
1. Basic Engineering completed and Detailed Engineering in advance stage
2. Foundation for Chimney completed and slip formwork in progress
3. Boiler Foundations completed and ready for erection of structures
4. Foundations for Turbine Hall & TG Foundation in progress
5. Foundations for IDCT, CW Pump House etc., in progress
Infrastructural Works:
1. Site enabling works completed
2. Construction of Fire Station Complex, Security Barracks etc., in progress
3. Detailed Engineering for Administration Building, Canteen Building etc., in progress
Town Ship:
1. Township is independent of the plant area
2. Town ship to accommodate O&M staff
3. Township infrastructure works in progress
4. Construction of Field Hostel and staff quarters in progress and would be ready for occupation progressively from November, 2012 onwards
Greenbelt and Nursery:
1. Nursery developed
2. Development of Green Belt in progress
Unit # 1: June 2014
Unit # 2: September, 2014
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